Hope Is On The Horizon

Empowering single mothers & their children to become self sustainable & secure by providing coaching, financial aid & higher education.

About Us

We are a non profit foundation with a goal to help empower single mothers & their children to thrive in life and help set up a pathway to success. 98.99 Percent of all of our donations go directly to our mothers & their children seeking a better future.

Our Vision

We were born from a passion to help single parents and their children go from just surviving, to actually thriving. Our vision is to empower single mothers to become self sustaining and set their children up with bright futures.

Our Tools

We believe that by providing coaching & financial aid, we can help single mothers reach their higher education goals. Thus creating an environment of security, hope, stability and growth for their home.

Financial Aid

It’s our pleasure to offer financial assistance while our single parent attend school to help support their families during their pursuit of higher education.


We desire to aid single mothers who have higher education goals but lack the practical means to get them there. We believe that by providing coaching in addition to financial aid will give them practical tools for life, not just for a season. Through Kidstartup Foundation, single parents have access to personal coaching and financial coaching. Personal coaching helps to map out their goals on a large scale, while financial coaching redefines the family’s relationship with finances. Practical budgeting tools are provided to help make the best of their income.


Better jobs. Higher pay. That’s what our goal is for every single mother seeking aid with us. Our scholarships help send women to Technical School to learn skills that will earn them a place in the workforce with higher wages & financial stability. We want to see every single income family go from just surviving to thriving. To qualify for these grants, candidates must have a High School Education or GED equivalent.  We will also provide them with financial assistance in order to help them support their family while attending school. The scholarships and financial assistance last for one calendar year. In order to renew for another year, the recipients have to provide test scores above 2.5 grade point average.

Corporate Sponsors